Just a little info about amarulebook.org

Hello mule and donkey lovers of the AMA and the world,

We are sharing our rulebook with everyone who needs more info about the rules for AMA approved shows or just to learn a little more about how the AMA operates. It has been requested by many and is now available for everyone including non-members and members alike for free. We are dedicating a whole website for your viewing pleasure that is not your standard PDF file like most but something that is more unique and hopefully a little more useful for everyone to use.

We have broken everything into chapters and topics for you to browse through more easily. You can also save/print each web page of the individual chapters as a PDF with the button at the top of every page. We have tried our best at making a PDF book you can download and use offline but may be broken in parts for some users. You can download it here!

Chris who helps with some of our digital needs has spent more time then he cares to count to bring you this in his spare time and would like any input you may have to offer to make things better for everyone. If you find something broken, like a link that doesn't work, just let him know so he can fix it. You can simple say thanks, if you like!