AMA Awards Programs

  1. AMA Awards Programs General Information(Rule 701)
  2. AMA Hall of Fame(Rule 702)
  3. AMA Certificate Awards General Information(Rule 703)
  4. LEVA/FFA/4-H/GRANGE LEA/SSA(Rules 704-706)

701. General Information

  1. The AMA has numerous awards programs for mules, riders and non-riders.
    1. AMA office shall keep a record of all awards presented.
    2. Separate points keepers may be used for each event or be designated for one or all programs.
    3. All specific information on awards and forms for record keeping may be obtained from the AMA office.
    4. Most AMA event awards shall have no additional fee to participate, but some awards may require a small fee to help defray cost of award and record keeping.
    5. An article and picture may be submitted to the AMA “MULES” newsletter when any of these awards are achieved.
  2. Awards offered by the AMA effective January 1, 1994. (Some AMA awards will be retro-active, and are being tabulated by the appointed committee).
    1. AMA Hall of Fame – Recognition for outstanding accomplishments of mules that are deceased or retired from competing.
    2. AMA Certificate Awards – AMA Events.
    3. LEVA – Long Ears Versatility Award – All non-AMA riding and events recognition.
    4. LEA – Long Ear Ambassador – For all long ears lovers, nonriders and riders – recognition for promoting the mule other than riding.
    5. FFA/4-H/GRANGE LEA- Long Ear Ambassador – Recognition to youth in FFA, 4H or GRANGE that use mules and donkeys.
    6. SSA – Saddle Sore Award – Recognition for miles ridden.

702. AMA Hall of Fame

  1. Purpose to establish an award for AMA registered animals that have shown an outstanding ability or accomplishments and that are now deceased or retired from the show ring or racing competition.
  2. There will be a committee appointed by the Board of Directors. It shall consist of two board members and two members at large.
    1. Their purpose shall be to review the applications and recommend to the Board of Directors the mules that should be considered for the Hall of Fame.
  3. AMA Hall of Fame elections may be done at a regular meeting, or by an official phone or email poll by the Board of Directors.
  4. Rules of the AMA Hall of Fame:
    1. Open to all mule and donkeys that have qualified through extensive AMA participation, or through outstanding produce of get within the AMA and are approved by the Board of Directors.
    2. Animals must have been registered with the AMA.
    3. The award will be given to the owner of the animal at the time of its demise or present owner in the case of a retired animal.
    4. Duplicate Hall of Fame awards can be purchased if required for a previous owner.
    5. All applications must be made on the approved form provided by the AMA Secretary.
    6. Animal may not be shown at a later date. Recognition will be forfeited if done so.

AMA Certificate Awards

703. General Information

  1. All mules and donkeys registered with the American Mule Association shall be eligible for the following titles and awards at no additional fee.
    1. Upon receiving official notice of such award, a notation shall be made on the mule’s registration papers.
  2. AMA members competing in the Youth, Amateur or Packing Divisions may compete for Register of Merit, Superior, and Champion.
  3. The following awards shall be from an accumulation of AMA points. (Retro-active awards shall have prior points earned under the old point system converted to the current system for tabulation.)
    1. CHAMPION MULE – Top ten mules compete in 4 divisions with a minimum of 5 points in each in their top 5 shows for year end award from approved AMA shows.
    2. RESERVE CHAMPION MULE – A Reserve Champion Certificate shall be awarded to the mule earning the second highest points.
    3. CHAMPION DONKEY – top ten donkeys compete in 3 divisions with a minimum of 5 points each in their top 5 shows for year end award from approved AMA shows.
    4. AMA Certificate Awards—DIVISION CHAMPION – A Division Champion Certificate shall be awarded to the highest point earner in each division. The division shall be placed thru tenth(10th). Awards go to fifth(5th), certificates sixth(6th) to tenth(10th). Mules or donkeys must be shown in three(3) approved AMA shows within the year, in the respective division to be eligible.
    5. TOP TEN – A Top Ten Certificate shall be awarded to the top ten(10) AMA point earners in a given show year (January 1 – December 31). Points earned in amateur and packing do not count.
    6. HONOR ROLL – An Honor Roll Certificate shall be awarded to the top five(5) AMA point earners in a given show year (January 1 – December 31).
    7. REGISTER OF MERIT (ROM) – Register of Merit shall indicate Excellence in a given class. To be awarded a ROM when at least 60 points have been earned in a specific class.
    8. SUPERIOR – A Superior title shall be awarded when at least 200 points have been won in a specific class.
    9. SUPERIOR CHAMPION – A Champion title shall be awarded when a minimum of 500 points have been won at AMA approved shows and:
      1. These points have been won in a combination of a least four(4) different classes with a minimum of 25 points having been won in each of at least 3 classes.
    10. VERSATILITY CHAMPION – A Versatility Champion title shall be awarded to the mule which has won at least five(5) ROMs in separate classes AND in four(4) different divisions.
    11. SUPERIOR ALL-AROUND – The Superior All-Around shall be awarded to the mule when:
      1. Won a total of at least 600 points in recognized AMA events.
      2. A Superior in at least three(3) riding divisions (Roping, Driving, Working, etc., are all counted as riding divisions).
    12. SUPREME CHAMPION – The mule shall be awarded the Supreme Champion when the following have been accomplished:
      1. Mule has won a total of at least 1000 points in recognized AMA Halter and Performance events.
      2. At least 50 of those points have been won in halter.
      3. Mule has attained Superior All-Around.
      4. Remaining points to be earned in any combination of classes to bring total to 1,000 points.
      5. In the event this title is awarded, a special award shall be presented to the owner of the mule at an AMA General Membership meeting.
  4. The following awards will be presented as staffing for compilation of points allows. Honor Roll, Register of Merit(ROM), Superior, Champion, Versatility Champion, Superior All-Around, and Supreme Champion.

704. LEVA – Long Ear Versatility Award – Recognition for non-AMA mule events and mule participation in all other equine type events.

  1. Points will be awarded for participation for any equine type activity on an AMA registered mule or donkey.
  2. All information, requirements, and forms are available from the AMA office, Attention: Awards Program or on our website Registration Form for LEVA/SSA.
  3. Mule must be registered with the AMA and rider an AMA member. Small fee is required to participate.

705. FFA/4-H/GRANGE LEA – Youth must be a member in good standing with the FFA, 4-H, or Grange and a member of the AMA to receive this award; animal used need not be registered, unless used as a pack mule.

706. SSA – Saddle Sore Award – Recognition for time on your “ass”.

  1. Hours are on the honor system.
  2. Only hours ridden for practice or pleasure will count; if competing at an event that can be used for another award above, those hours shall not count.
  3. If not accumulating points for any other award listed, points shall count for being in the saddle.
    1. Sitting on your mule or donkey all day watching an event will not earn total hours unless you were riding around (should be in motion the majority of the time). Using your animal for a chair will not count as hours toward this award.
  4. Additional information and time keeping forms are available from the AMA office, Attention: Awards Program or on our website Registration Form for LEVA/SSA.
  5. A small fee is required for this award.

707. Other awards programs may be established at a later time if participation warrants.