Cow Working Rules

240. Cow Working – Bridled and Green

  1. One animal shall be turned into the arena and the contestant shall hold the animal at the prescribed end of the arena long enough to indicate to the judge that the mule is watching the cow and can hold it on that end of the arena.
  2. The cow then shall be taken down the fence; contestant shall attempt to make at least one turn each way on the fence.
  3. The cow should then be taken towards the center of the arena and taken in a circle once each way.

241. Adopted with Permission from NRCHA (National Reined Cow Horse Association)

  1. Scoring will be on the basis of 60 to 80 points, with 70 denoting the average performance.
  2. Individual score of each work should be announced immediately.
  3. Time limit shall be two and one-half (2 1/2) minutes.
  4. The judge shall take into consideration the size of arena, condition of and the disposition and degree of difficulty exhibited by cattle worked.
  5. Roping steers shall not be used, different cattle should be available.
  6. If time and cattle permit, the judge may, at his discretion, award new cattle based on the following:
    1. Cow won’t or can’t run.
    2. Cow that doesn’t respect the mule (or may be blind).
    3. Cow leaves the arena early.
  7. Credits:
    1. Maintaining control of the cow at all times.
    2. Exhibiting superior cow sense and natural ability without excessive reining or spurring.
    3. Degree of difficulty.
    4. Eye appeal.
  8. Penalties:
    1. One Point Penalties: (-1): Loss of working advantage; for every length that the mule runs past the cow; using the corner of the end of the arena to turn the cow; slipping the rein.
    2. Two Point Penalty: (-2): Going past the corner before turning the cow.
    3. Three Point Penalties: (-3): Knocking down the cow without having working advantage; biting or striking the cow; hanging up on the fence; exhausting the cow.
    4. Other Point Penalties: (-1/2 to -3): General bad manners.
    5. Five Penalty Points: (-5): Not getting one turn each way.
    6. Automatic Score of Sixty: Turn tail; two hands on reins in a bridle class; fingers between the reins (bridle class); balking.
    7. Automatic Score of Zero (0): Spurring or hitting the mule in front of the cinch at any time; out of control while working the cow; running over the cow and causing fall of mule; illegal equipment; bloody mouth; fall of rider; leaving the arena before pattern is complete.