Donkey Halter & Performance Divisions

  1. Donkey Halter Division(Rule 401)
  2. Donkey Performance Division General Rules(Rule 402)
  3. Donkey Pleasure(Rule 403)
  4. Donkey Trail and Donkey Gambler’s Choice Trail(Rule 404)
  5. Donkey Walk/Jog Pleasure and Donkey Walk/Jog Trail(Rule 405)
  6. In-Hand-Trail(Rule 406)
  7. Donkey Gymkhana(Rule 407)
  8. Donkey Driving Classes(Rule 408)

Donkey Halter Division

401. Halter-Jacks, Jennets and Geldings

  1. All donkeys may be eligible to show at halter.
    1. All donkeys and their handlers must be registered with the AMA to receive points for AMA awards. Non-AMA donkeys and handlers will compete for show awards only.
    2. Both Jacks and Jennets shown at Halter, shall have their teeth shown to the Judge. Judge should not touch Donkey’s mouth.Geldings are excluded from this rule. Excessive over bite/under bite that exceed half the width of the teeth will be severely penalized.
    3. Un-castrated males (Jacks) must only be shown by adults (18 years and older); NO EXCEPTIONS.
    4. All mature Jacks, age three and older with one or both testicles undescended shall be disqualified. (Cryptorchidism or Monorchidism)
  2. Consideration on judging donkeys shall he given to overall balance; correct form and structure of parts; trueness, elasticity and coordination or action; muscular development and health; and disposition and manners.
    1. General halter judging procedures should be followed (See Mule Halter Rule 201). Must be measured before first show.
  3. Sizes of donkeys shall be classified as follows:
    • Miniature / 36 inches and under, at the withers
    • Small Standard / 36.01″ to 48 inches
    • Standard / 48.01″ to 56 inches (54″ for jennets)
    • Mammoth / 56.01″ and over (54.01″ for jennets)
  4. All donkeys will be measured at first show where a variety of height classes are offered.
    1. A designated AMA official and two adult witnesses shall measure the donkeys with an official equine measuring stick with attached level.
    2. Measuring shall take place on a level, concrete or paved surface.
    3. Shoeing will be taken into consideration when measuring.
  5. If a donkey is entered in the wrong class, it shall be moved to the appropriate height class.

Donkey Performance Division

402. General Rules – General Mule Performance Rules for specific classes shall be followed except for the following:

  1. All donkeys, regardless of size are eligible.
    1. Jacks must be handled, ridden, or driven by adult (18 years and over). Absolutely no youth may show or handle a jack at an AMA approved show.
    2. Any unruly donkey, of any sex, will be excused from the arena at judge’s discretion.
  2. Donkeys of any age or training may be ridden with two hands in any approved snaffle, bosal or shanked bit. Once an exhibitor has committed to riding one handed in an event, they shall not change to two handed riding or risk penalty at the discretion of the judge.
    1. English or Western equipment and attire may be used in donkey pleasure classes and donkey trail classes.
    2. Judged more on manners, response to rider and smoothness and pleasure of ride than if donkey performs the ideal “English” or “Western” gait, unless class is split into English and Western.
    3. Appropriate attire and equipment must be used according to class entered.
    4. See specific class requirements in the corresponding Mule Divisions.

403. Donkey Pleasure – English or Western

  1. Judged at the walk, jog (trot), and lope (canter) both ways of the arena and back up.
    1. Emphasis on manners, response to rider, and smoothness of ride.
  2. Refer to mule performance – Western Pleasure and English Pleasure rules for further clarification.

404. Donkey Trail and Donkey Gambler’s Choice Trail – English or Western

  1. To be shown over a course of obstacles normally encountered on the trail.
  2. Same general rules as mule Western Trail and Gambler’s Choice Trail.

405. Donkey Walk/Jog Pleasure and Donkey Walk/Jog Trail

  1. Same rules as Donkey Pleasure and Donkey Trail except to be shown at a walk and jog(trot) and back up only.
  2. Will NOT be asked to lope or canter.

406. In-Hand-Trail – May be split for handlers 18 years and under and adults.

  1. To be shown while being led at a walk and jog from the ground. Not to be asked to lope.
    1. All sizes and ages of donkeys may compete.
  2. Donkey must be wearing a saddle or pack saddle of suitable size to show it is broke to carry one.
    1. Donkeys need not be broke to ride.
    2. Saddle must only be able to be packed with saddle bags, panniers, pack bags, etc. Saddle stirrups may be tied up over seat.
      1. No bags are required, but contestant encouraged to outfit donkey for a “hike” or “picnic” for spectator enjoyment. However, not to be considered by judge.
      2. Saddles may be used without fenders and stirrups attached.
  3. Donkeys may be led with halter or approved bridle only. Lead chains may be used under chin only.
  4. Exhibitor to wear AMA approved western attire.
  5. Recommended obstacles include mail box, walk-over’s, bridge, jump (no higher than 12″), and gate. Should include short jog preferably to and over jump.
    1. Optional obstacles that may be used, but not limited to: back-up, side-pass, pick up one or all feet, ground tie, trash cans, and walk over branches.
    2. Show Management should strive to design coarse realistically, as might be found on a “hike” or “picnic”.
    3. Livestock that may spook the donkeys should be discouraged, as children are encouraged to enter this class.
    4. If class is split into Youth Handlers and Adults, livestock may be used in the Adult class.

407. Donkey Gymkhana – See Gymkhana Division, 251-256.

  1. Donkeys may be ridden or driven in the donkey gymkhana classes.
    1. May only enter once, either under saddle or in harness.
    2. There will be no alteration of course to accommodate donkeys being driven.

408. Donkey Driving Classes – See Division 12 Classes.

  1. Any class listed under Driving Division may be offered as a “Donkey” driving class (example: Donkey Pleasure Driving – Working; Donkey Drive and Ride; Donkey Farm Class, etc.)
  2. Driving Division Rules 319-371 shall be followed.
  3. Donkeys may show in pneumatic tires and wired wheels.