APPENDIX A – Equipment

I. Green Mule Bits – Two hands on reins. Snaffle cheek pieces apply to smooth and twisted.

  1. Regulation Snaffles – 3/8 inch diameter or larger, smooth single-jointed and double jointed mouth pieces.
    1. See examples shown below.
    2. Only regulation snaffles will be allowed on green mules shown in any approved class.
    3. Exception for Roping, Penning and Gymkhana Events and Jumpers class (Rule 313); may use mild twisted-wire or gag snaffles in these classes ONLY.
    4. If a curb strap is used on a snaffle bit, it must be attached below the reins.
    5. No bits with shanks or curb action will be allowed on green mules. Doing so will result in your mule being disqualified from the Green Division.
  2. Rawhide bosal hackamores may be used on green mules only and must use two hands on reins. (Not for English type classes).

Rawhide Bosal Hackamores

Examples of Regulation Snaffles

Approved Snaffles for Exceptions-Rule 3

gag snaffle

Various Snaffle Bridle Bits


  1. Ordinary snaffle with single-jointed mouthpiece.
  2. Ordinary snaffle with double-jointed mouthpiece.
  3. Racing snaffle (D-ring).
  4. Snaffle. a) with cheeks, with or without keepers. b) without cheeks (Egg-butt).
  5. Snaffle with upper or lower cheeks.
  6. Mullen-mouth. This is not a snaffle.
  7. Snaffle with cheeks. (Hanging or drop cheek; Baucher). This may be a D-ring or other ordinary snaffle as pictured in Nos. 1-6.
  8. Dr. Bristol.
  9. Fulmer.
  10. French snaffle.
  11. Snaffle with rotating mouthpiece.

*Any of the above may be made with a rubber, plastic or leather covering, but the bit may not be modified by adding latex or other material. Bits with mouthpieces made of synthetic material are permitted, provided that the contours of the bit conform to the contours of one of the bits pictured above. Flexible rubber or synthetic mouthpieces are permitted.

II. Bridled Mule Bits – Western Classes.

  1. Shank Bit with solid or jointed mouthpiece.
    1. Smooth, round mouth piece 3/8″ to 3/4″ diameter, measured 1″ from cheek.
    2. Mouthpiece port no higher than 3 1/2″ max.
    3. Nothing may protrude below mouthpiece (bar).
    4. Shanks maximum of 8 1/2″ as per drawing.
    5. Shanks may be fixed or loose.
  2. Curb Straps must not be narrower than 3/8″.
    1. May be leather, flat rawhide or chain.
    2. Must be smooth and lie flat against chin.
    3. No wire allowed no matter how covered.

III. Bridled Mules – English.

  1. Bridled English may use standard regulation snaffle or approved snaffles for exceptions (see Appendix A), standard English bits listed, or any acceptable humane bit.
    1. Full cheek (with or without keepers), half cheek, un-joined snaffle, Kimberwick, Pelham, Dr. Bristol, Weymouth bit with Bridoon.

Various Double Bridle Bits


  1. Loose ring bridoon bit.
  2. a.b.c. Bridoon bit with jointed mouthpiece where the middle piece should be rounded. (Note: A Dr. Bristol bit is not permitted.)
  3. Egg-butt bridoon bit.
  4. Bridoon bit with hanging cheeks.
  5. Half-moon curb bit.
  6. Curb bit with straight cheeks and port.
  7. Curb bit with straight cheeks and port.
  8. Curb bit with port and sliding mouthpiece (Weymouth) A curb bit with rotating lever arm is also allowed.
  9. Variation of bits Nos. 6, 7 and 8.
  10. Curb bit with S-curved cheeks.
  11. Curb chain (metal or leather or a combination.)
  12. Lip Strap.
  13. Leather cover for curb chain.
  14. Rubber cover for curb chain.

IV. Driving Bits – Regulation snaffles and other types of traditional driving bits are allowed.

  1. Bits may be covered with rubber or leather.
  2. Prohibited: Twisted, burr, and wire bits of any type and tying down of tongue.
  3. Bridled Mules – Any acceptable humane bit. Judges’ discretion on if bit is humane; if judged inhumane, mule will be eliminated from class.
    1. Mechanical hackamores of no longer than 8 1/2″ shank, gag snaffle hackamore combo, or any other bit allowed in other AMA approved events.
    2. Rule on curb straps will still apply.

VI. Other Equipment

  1. Tack should be clean and in good repair.
    1. Silver equipment will not be considered by the judge.
    2. Spurs, breeching, crupper and breast collars are optional.
  2. Tie-downs, martingales, ONLY allowed in Roping, Penning and Gymkhana, and Working Hunters or Jumpers (Rule 313). Draw reins prohibited.
    1. Cavessons may be used in these events but are mandatory in English. They are required in Pleasure Driving classes.
  3. Protective Boots may be used in all speed events: Gymkhana, Reining, Cutting, and Gambler’s Choice classes.
  4. Western Reins.
    1. Green mules must use split reins on snaffles, or mecate on either bosals or snaffles.
    2. Bridled mules may use split reins or romal reins in all western classes.
    3. Roping Reins (joined) are not allowed in Western Performance or Working Performance events.
  5. English Reins – (joined) with or without buckle.

VII. Other Bits Allowed BITS – Exceptions to approved bits for Gymkhana, Roping and Penning Events and Jumpers (Class Rule 313). Draw reins prohibited.