Policy and Guidelines for Active AMA Regions

1. Statement of Purpose – The American Mule Association has steadily grown in membership and interest since its formation. The increase in participation in AMA approved events necessitates formal recognition and the provision for the creation of geographic regions to further the slated objectives of the AMA. Therefore, the AMA Board of Directors hereby adopts the POLICY AND GUIDELINES FOR AMA REGIONS.

This regionalization provision shall be applicable to all performance type divisions. This policy is not applicable to any forms of racing events because geographic boundaries would not benefit the mule racing industry, nor further the AMA objectives in the area of racing.

The formation of regions is consistent with the objectives of the AMA because the growing number of shows and the travel distances make it unfeasible to attract and maintain long term interest in the showing of mules by AMA members. Regions offer the opportunity for greater participation and for recognition of special interests of the geographic areas.

2. Definition and General Provision for Formation of a Region – For purposes of the policy, an AMA region is a geographic area of the United States which has an identified interest in mules and is active in the showing of mules. A region is a separate but interdependent division of the AMA. An active region may be established by the Board of Directors when it is demonstrated that there exists sufficient interest, membership and ability to carry out the objectives of the AMA in the new region.

3. Guidelines for the Formation of a Region

  1. Proposals: AMA members in an area seeking to be designated as a Region must submit a proposal to the AMA Board of Directors. The proposal must identify the geographic boundaries of the region, the number of AMA members residing therein, a plan for three or more AMA approved shows for the calendar year, a statement of reasons and interest, the identification of a five person organizational committee, and the name or names, address and phone number of the contact person.
  2. Proposals for Subdivision, Merger or Boundary Change: In the event that the proposed region is a part of a larger region or that there is an adjustment of regional boundaries the proposal shall include the above listed items and information to show that the creation to the new region will not result in a less operative remainder region. The governing body of the affected region may provide input and comment to the AMA Board regarding the proposal.
  3. Board Action of a Proposal: The AMA Board of Directors, at its next meeting following receipt of a proposal for a new region, or an adjustment, shall consider the proposal and determine the appropriateness of the proposal in light of (1) the objectives of AMA; (2) the compatibility of the new region in relation to the functioning of adjacent regions; and (3) the ability of the new region or adjusted regions, to carry out the objectives of the AMA as demonstrated by sufficient interest, membership and sponsorship of at least three AMA approved shows in the calendar year.The new region may be approved as an “Interim” region by the affirmative vote of the majority of the quorum present at the Board meeting The interim region will function for a one (1) year period during which the regional bylaws and other region organizational matters, as set forth in Section 5 below are accomplished.

    At the conclusion of the interim period the region shall be formally recognized by the Board as an ‘established’ and fully operational region or be given ‘interim’ status for a second period before being recognized as an established region. At the conclusion of the interim period the region will function fully as a separate but interdependent division of the AMA.

4. Operation of a Region During the ‘Interim’ Region Period – The following operational procedures shall apply during the ‘interim’ region period which follows the initial formation of a new region:

  1. Election of the Interim Governing Body: The five(5) person organizational committee identified in the regional proposal shall at the earliest possible time, nominate one or more persons for each governing body position. With the consent of the nominees, these names shall be submitted to the “interim” region’s membership for vote. A write-in space shall be provided for each position. The persons with the most votes for each position shall be elected officers. Ties shall be resolved by agreement of the elected officers. The organizational committee shall function as the ‘interim’ governing body until the election is completed.
  2. Responsibilities of the Interim Governing Body: The elected officers shall be responsible for: (1) the operation of the region during the interim period; (2) handle matters relative to the formal establishment of the region; (3) appointment of committees as needed; (4) for regional awards banquet and (5) other region activities.
  3. Shows and Financing: All show approval, advertisement, award funds, and financial matters shall be handled through the AMA office during the ‘interim’ period.
  4. Preparation for Formal Establishment of the Region: The interim governing body, in addition to the responsibilities listed above, shall provide for the orderly transition to the formally established region. To effect this, the interim governing body shall appoint a nomination committee to make nominations for the election of regional governing officers. Such election shall be held in conjunction with the election of the AMA Board. The officers would take their offices upon the Board of Directors’ final approval and formal establishment of the region.
  5. Point Accumulation: Points accumulated at AMA approved shows shall be for the region in which the show occurred and may not be transferred as stated in 5-C.

5. Governing Rules for AMA Regions

  1. Rulebook: As a division of AMA, each region shall adhere to and function under the rules of AMA
  2. Funding of Regions: Upon formal recognition of the region, the AMA Board shall direct two dollars, or other greater amount as may later be approved by the board, for each member residing in the region to the elected Regional Chairman of each region. These funds shall be utilized for regional operations not otherwise covered by AMA. An annual accounting of expenditures shall be proved to the AMA Office.
  3. Regional Membership: Each AMA member will automatically be a member of the region of their residency when a region is formed. That member is entitled to participate in all regional activities and accumulate show points in that region’s shows and in any other shows that are specifically designated as Wild Card shows by the Board of Directors.A member wishing to compete in shows of another region may do so at anytime, provided that they compete in three(3) shows in one year in that division and these points will apply only to that region. Only exception would be a Wild Card show which is designated by the board of directors. The member before the show must, in writing, advise both record keepers in the regions where the points are to be applied. Otherwise, the points will be applied to the region of their residency.
  4. Regional Governing Body: The membership of each region shall elect its regional governing body. The officers shall include a regional Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, and Point-keeper, or their equivalent. The responsibilities of the regional officers shall be those typical of the office and shall he specifically defined in the regional Bylaws. (See Section 6.) The regional Chairman shall be responsible for the annual accounting of funds dispersed from AMA. The regional governing body may appoint committees as it deems appropriate for the operation of the region and its shows.
  5. Regional Shows: All shows at which points are accumulated must be AMA approved shows as set forth in the AMA rulebook. This does not restrict a region from holding other shows or other events at an approved show nor does it restrict a region from giving awards for non-AMA approved events at the regional awards banquet. However, only points accumulated at AMA approved shows, in AMA approved events, may be credited toward the AMA World Championship Finals.
  6. AMA World Championship Finals: The AMA may sponsor a World Championship show at the conclusion of each season. (Refer to World Championship Criteria.)
  7. Representation on the Board of Directors: The regional Chairman, or their delegated representative, shall be a non-voting member of the AMA Board of Directors. The regional representative shall be entitled to participate in all board meetings including closed sessions on behalf of the region. Board designates a Regional Board Representative during ‘interim’ period.
  8. Functions of the AMA: All general functions of the AMA office and its Board shall continue including, but not limited to, general administration, membership records, collection of dues, registration, newsletter and rule changes. The AMA office shall, on a regular basis, provide each region and interim region with a current membership list.

6. Regional ByLaws

  1. Statement of Purpose: As a Region of AMA, to encourage the development of and public interest in mules, through promotion and encouraging public contests including education of the general public regarding the history, breeding, raising and other information regarding mules. To follow all Bylaws as set forth in AMA rule book and the Policy and Guidelines for Active AMA Regions.
  2. Officers: A four(4) person regional committee is as follows: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, and Point-keeper.
    1. Chairman: Shall be the Chief Executive Officer and shall have general supervision, to see that the AMA objectives are met by the Region. He shall preside at all regular and special meetings and attend all Board of Director meetings or appoint a delegate to attend.
    2. Vice-Chairman: In the absence or inability of the Chairman, is vested with all the powers and shall perform all the duties of the Chairman.
    3. Secretary-Treasurer: They shall keep all members informed of the region news, functions, events and business both past and future. They can maintain a permanent notebook for each activity. This would be passed to succeeding committees to give future committees an idea of what programs did and did not work. It shall be his duty to receive all monies belonging to the region and maintain or cause to be maintained a record of all money received and deposited. The regional membership shall have knowledge of the bank account and know that two signatures are required for all checks issued. They shall keep an account of receipts and expenditures, making reports to region membership as well as the Board of Directors. They shall pay over and deliver all monies, books and papers to their successor.
    4. Pointkeeper: They shall maintain a record of points and monies from all AMA approved shows for (1) regional awards, (2) World Champion Show, (3) any special programs offered by AMA. A point standing list should be printed at regular intervals so members can see their points and how they stand regionally. Forward all year-end totals to the AMA office for permanent record. This would include all mules shown in the calendar year whether or not they received awards.
  3. Meetings: The elected regional officers will schedule a minimum of two(2) general membership meetings for the calendar year. Notice of these meetings must meet with AMA rule book requirements.
  4. Elections: The regional officers shall appoint a nominating committee to handle nominations for the election of regional officers. Such election shall be held in conjunction with election of the AMA Board of Directors. The officers will take office upon approval vote of the AMA Board of Directors at the annual January meeting. Any officer being absent two(2) consecutive meetings without just cause, shall have the office declared vacant. The vacancy shall be filled by a special election at the next regular meeting of the regional membership or if deemed by membership not filled. No MEMBER shall hold more than one(1) elective office at the same time.
  5. Management: The management of the region shall be entrusted to the regional officers, their decisions being subject to approval by the regional membership. Under no circumstances shall any officer, member of any committee or member contract for or incur any obligation to this Association without first having secured authorization from the Board of Directors.
  6. Rules of Order: The region shall conduct all business under Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised, shall govern the conduct of all meetings, except as may otherwise be provided by the AMA ByLaws. Any amendments to these Bylaws must be submitted to the AMA Board of Directors and will be handled at the next regular meeting.
  7. Appointments: Chairman shall appoint any necessary committees.
    1. Any other committees the regional officers deem necessary for the function of the Region.
    2. Election or Nomination Committee: This committee should consist of at least three(3) persons to handle all nominations, check if nominees are willing to run, cause these names to be put on the ballot with spaces for write-in votes and mail to all voting Regional members. Ballots will be counted by official AMA ballot counter. Persons elected will be notified so they can attend annual Board of Directors meeting.