Team Racing Division

  1. General(Rule 551)
  2. Equipment(Rule 552)
  3. Team Race(Rule 553)
  4. Chariot Straight-Away Race(Rule 554)
  5. Chariot Lap Race(Rule 555)
  6. Chariot Barrel Race(Rule 556)
  7. Chariot Steer Stopping(Rule 557)
  8. Chuck Wagon Race(Rule 558)
  9. Wagon Barrel Race(Rule 559)

551. General Rules – All drivers, chariot ropers, and chuck wagon “cooks” must be at least 18 years old.

  1. Protective headgear is mandatory on all participants, including chariot ropers and “cooks”.
    1. Loss of headgear, clothing or any other material causing interference or distraction to other teams will be reason for disqualification for that particular race.
  2. Stewards for Team Racing will be selected prior to racing at each meet.
    1. The use of drugs, mechanical devices, or such objects is not allowed resulting in disqualification if found and other appropriate measures.(See General Rule 4.A,B,C.)
    2. During the course of a chariot race if a team moves out of the lane in which it starts in such a manner that it interferes with or impedes another team, the offending team shall be disqualified when, in the opinion of the stewards, the outcome of the contest was affected.
      1. Any such teams disqualified shall be placed behind the team or teams it fouled and shall be given the time of the team it was placed behind plus .01 seconds.
  3. Team races are timed events and placing(s) determined on the basis of the time elapsed for each team in the contest.
    1. The time for any given team will be the time electrically recorded for that team or the average of the hand timers in the event the electric timer is not used or fails to operate.
    2. The winning team in each contest shall be the team with the least elapsed time between the time when the starting flag is dropped at the start of the race and the time when the nose of the leading mule on such team crosses the finish line.
    3. The remaining places in a contest shall be determined in like manner provided; however, that in the event of photo electric strip camera is not used, then in that event only the times for the winning teams in each race shall be considered.
  4. Starting Positions – All races will be from a standing or walking start and all positions and heats will be drawn for prior to the races by the drivers or owners. Drivers to draw if starting gate is used.
  5. Each individual mule must be registered in order to compete for year end awards.
    1. Points will go to the team. If team changes, points will begin accumulating for new team from time of change.
    2. Driver and owner(s) of mules must be current members, also, to accumulate points for year end awards.

552. Equipment

  1. All teams and equipment will be inspected for safety and stability prior to each race.
  2. A chariot is a two wheeled vehicle that requires the driver to stand and has no seat. A pleasure vehicle will not be allowed to compete as a chariot.
  3. Chariots shall he used in all classes other than the Chuck wagon race, which requires a four wheeled wagon.
    1. Any other intentional distraction during a race may be reason for disqualification.
    2. These matters will be ruled on by the stewards of each race.

553. Team Race shall be open to any size teams, but should be split for Straight -Away racing as follows:

  • Small Teams / 1,500 lbs. and Under
  • Large Teams / 1,501 lbs. and Over

554. Chariot Straight-Away Race

  1. Course to be set by show management.
  2. Teams shall compete at the same time or in heats, depending on number of entries and size of track.
  3. Class should be split (see Rule 553), except in the case of less than two entries in a division.

555. Chariot Lap Race

  1. Course shall be set by show management. Use of cones to mark course recommended.

556. Chariot Barrel Race – To be run individually for time.

  1. Pattern for barrels is same as in mule Gymkhana division. See Rule 252 – Cloverleaf Barrels.
  2. General Barrel Race rules shall also apply.

557. Chariot Steer Stopping – Timed event.

  1. May be held as a group event or individually.
  2. If held as a group event, all entries shall compete in the arena at the same time.
    1. A group of steers shall be turned loose at far end of arena and stirred up while chariot racers wait at other end for signal.
    2. At signal, chariots race to cattle and first one to rope steer and signal flagger will be the winner. All who catch in order will be placed.
  3. If held as an individual event chariot to wait against end of arena with roping chutes (either side).
    1. Must wait for steer to be flagged out of the chutes before chariot may start.
    2. Chariot roper to rope steer and pull slack, then signal flagger.
    3. Must be a legal catch: head, horns, or half head.
    4. There will be a 5 minute time limit, two loops maximum.
    5. All gates will be closed.
    6. Team may only go once, but roper may go twice only.
    7. Roper must be at least 18 years or older.

558. Chuck Wagon Race – No chariots allowed, must use a buckboard wagon.

  1. The course will be set by management.
  2. Chuck wagon “cook” must be at least 18 years or older.

559. Wagon Barrel Race – Pattern to be same as mule gymkhana division.