Article IX
Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 1. Corporate Seal – The corporation may have a seal which shall be in such form and contain such matter as shall be specified by resolution by the Board of Directors. The seal shall be affixed to all corporate instruments, but failure to affix it shall not affect the validity of any such instrument.

Section 2. Execution of Checks, Notes and Contracts – Except as otherwise provided by law, checks, drafts, promissory notes, orders for the payment of money, and other evidences of indebtedness of the corporation shall be signed by any two(2) officers. Any contact, lease, or other instrument executed in the name of and on behalf of the corporation shall be signed by the secretary and countersigned by the president, and shall have attached to it a copy of the resolution of the Board of Directors certified by the secretary authorizing its execution.

Section 3. Construction of Bylaws – On all questions arising as to the construction of the meaning of the Bylaws the decision of the Board of Directors shall be final unless rescinded by the members of the association at an annual meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose.

Section 4. Amendment or Repeal of Bylaws – The power to repeal or amend these Bylaws and adopt new Bylaws is hereby delegated to the Board of Directors, subject to the conditions of limitations expressed in Section 7150 of the Corporations Code of the State of California.

Section 5. Amendment of Articles of Incorporation – Power to amend the Articles of Incorporation is hereby delegated to the Board of Directors except as otherwise provided under applicable California law.