Article VI

Section 1. Members – The Association shall have four(4) classes of members as follows: Any person, over the age of eighteen(18), firm, or corporation, interested in mules is eligible to become a voting member of this association.

Junior member: Any person interested in mules who is not more than eighteen(18) years of age on January 1st of that membership year is eligible to become a junior member of this association. Said junior membership shall not carry any voting rights associated with it.

Student member: For the benefit of both participating as a group and enrolled in school or college, said student members shall not carry any voting rights.

Life members: Honorary Life Members are any person, firm, or corporation actively interested in mules who, by merit of outstanding service to this association and/or the mule industry, may be voted a life member by 2/3 majority vote or the board of directors present at any regular or special meeting or by a 2/3 majority vote of the general membership present at any annual meeting or special meeting. Life Memberships may be purchased by individuals for $300, and are nonrefundable and non-transferable. Life members shall have the right to vote.

Section 2. Admission to Members – An application for membership shall be deemed accepted upon presentation to any board or staff member if accompanied by any advance payment of dues provided by these Bylaws subject to rejection by a majority vote of the Board of Directors within sixty(60) days after such presentation.

Section 3. Assessments – No members shall be subject to any assessments, or liable for any reason of membership in this association.

Section 4. Property Rights – The corporation does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to the members thereof. Upon dissolution of this corporation, any assets remaining, after payment of all obligations and debts, shall be distributed by the last Board of Directors to any organization selected by the Board of Directors which is exempt from federal income taxation under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code 501(c) (3)-(6) but none of such assets nor any part of the net earnings of the corporation shall inure to the benefit of any member or private shareholder as defined for purposes of Section 501(c) (7) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

Section 5. Voting Privileges – Voting members shall have the privilege of voting at association elections and at meetings of the members of the association provided, however, that no such member who shall be delinquent by reason of nonpayment of dues, shall be entitled to vote while such delinquency continues.

Section 6. Suspension or Expulsion – The board may terminate or suspend a membership; or expel or suspend a member for nonpayment of fees, periodic dues or for conduct which the Board shall deem inimical to the best interest of the association including, without limitation, flagrant violation of any provision of these Bylaws. Failure to satisfy membership qualifications or conduct of such member which is or has been seriously detrimental to the association or to the mule industry. The board shall give the member who is the subject of the proposed action fifteen (15) days prior notice of the proposed expulsion, suspension or termination and the reasons therefore. The member may submit a written statement to the Board regarding the proposed expulsion, suspension, or termination. Prior to the effective date of the proposed expulsion, suspension or termination the board shall review any such statements submitted and shall determine the mitigating effect, if any, of the information contained therein on the proposed expulsion, suspension or termination. A suspended member shall not be entitled to exercise any of the voting rights set forth in these Bylaws nor are they entitled to points accumulated, year end awards or special awards.

Section 7. Transfer-ability of Membership – Membership is nontransferable and non-assignable.

Section 8. Certificate of Membership – Membership certificates may be issued from time to time.

Section 9. Termination of Membership – Membership shall terminate: (1) Upon receipt by the Board of Directors of the written or typed resignation of a member; (2) on the death of a member or (3) on the failure of a member to pay his annual dues on or before their due date; and (4) as provided above in the suspension and expulsion section.